„It’s about music“.

After almost a decade of working together and over 1000 DJ sessions in more than 30 countries around the world as DABRUCK & KLEIN, the statement „It’s about music“ best describes the fundamental attitude of Stefan Dabruck and Frank Klein.

Aside from all the factors which add up to make a successful DJ set, their strength has always been their impeccable and intuitive eclectic selection which explores House as well as Electro, Techno, Trance… They are not limited to any style: „It’s about music“

DABRUCK & KLEINs success is based on a shared, deep rooted understanding of music, an inherent feel for the dance floor as well as a decade of experience of making sessions not just another night out but a major event. Their sets are nurtured by the vision of two music lovers, who playing back-to-back relentlessly play, explore and challenge expectations, a game of musical tag that drives the party, making the night unforgettable.

Their success over the last year demonstrates that they remain not just cutting edge but wildly relevant:

Following high positions in the club charts with all of their 2010 productions, DABRUCK & KLEIN spent 9 weeks at the No. 1 spot of the German Dance Charts with “The Feeling” a co-production with MICHAEL FEINER. No other act has ever spent 9 weeks at #1!

It was this that brought DABRUCK & KLEIN to the attention of the management of Armin van Buuren, who signed them immediately.

2011 brings DABRUCK & KLEIN’s first album on their own WEPLAY label in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and throughout the rest of the world on ARMADA, known as one of the most successful Record.Labels in the world.

DABRUCK & KLEINs album “2:48 AM” features several co-productions with artists like the Grammy-nominated JEAN ELAN or the STAFFORD BROTHERS as well as tracks made with JOACHIM GARRAUD, GREGORI KLOSMAN, OLLIE JAMES, ANNA MCDONALD, JULIAN SMITH, ALEKSEY or STELLA ATTAR.

On “2:48 AM” DABRUCK & KLEIN show the various facets of their artistic ability and demonstrate they are producers and artists at the very height of their powers: their limitless creativity means that they are without doubt amongst the hottest properties in House right now and part of the premier league.

As well as their successful careers as DJs and producers, DABRUCK & KLEIN continue to develop their own record label WEPLAY founded at the end of 2008. Having reached number two in the all-important national Label rankings in Germany in 2009, they then managed the remarkable achievement of reaching #1 in all EIGHT categories in 2010! They are recognised as “Best Label”, “Best Artist” with DBN, and with LASERKRAFT 3D “The most successful Track” of 2010 which racked up over 150,000 sales and was certified Gold in G.A.S.

The success and hits keep getting bigger for DABRUCK & KLEIN and label WEPLAY and there is no doubt that things will continue to go only in one direction for them – upwards!