Daisy Kilbourne

Born in Daylesford Victoria’s Daisy Kilbourne started playing music because it was always a big part of her life growing up. Her father was an amazing musician who highly inspired her by everything he did. Being surrounded by music all the time it was something that came naturally and second nature to her. Daisy is an accomplished self-taught Guitarist and Pianist. She is also an amazing Songwriter who has drawn inspiration from some past and current idols such as: Ed Sheeran, John Mayer, Adele, David Bowie, Beatles, Kate Bush and Queen.

At the tender age of 18 Daisy is SCM’s newest signing and has already found her way to the airways of Europe with the scheduled release of her first single “Lost You” in January 2018 through We-Play Music Germany. She will also be featured on Swiss DJ’s Pat Farrell’s upcoming single and German DJ’s Plastik Funk’s new single out in March through Armada.

With these three releases in 2018 SCM believes that Daisy will be an international phenomenon in a very short time. This young Artist’s voice has touched the hearts of many Industry impresarios in Europe who cannot fathom her vocal range and versatility at such a young age.

She is currently enjoying touring Australia with 5X Platinum Artist Nathaniel and writing new music every day.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/kilbournedaisy
Instagram: www.instagram.com/daisykilbourne
Youtube: www.youtube.com/watch?v=_cwNNQY9mXw
European Label: www.we-play.cc
Australian Label: www.scmrecords.company

Management: tony@scmmanagement.company
Bookings: michael@scmmanagement.company
PR: frank@scmmanagement.company

In 2018 Daisy will feature on armadamusic.com, www.plastikfunk.com, www.adaptiv-music.com, www.patfarrell.ch



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