Faul & Wad

Faul literally means „lazy“ in German, but that´s definitely not this guys leitmotif. Quite the contrary, this Frenchmen is about go through the roof thanks to his enormous work ethic and studio mastery. But to make his musical impact felt and certainly heard, Maxime does not rely on the typical studio gimmicks, which have polluted international dance-floors.

The French native might use the back door to make his quiet entrance, but once inside, Faul unfolds all his aural beauty by relying on deep sounds and catchy as hell melodies. No distorted basses, overproduced beats or useless drops are used or abused by this up and coming artist. His first tracks Changes and Happy Endings are both soulful and jazzy tunes designed for a picturesque sunset at a beautiful beach.

You could say the 21 year young übertalent composed the perfect soundtrack for a summer blockbuster yet to come. It won´t be long until this man´s time as come, because his smooth as butter fusion of various genres, some of days gone by, some of days to come, is surely the next big thing.

Various colleagues from around the globe all represent this excitingly fresh sound and are making their mark. So clear the annoying moshpit, pack up the silly sit-downs and make way for the ladies, Faul is about to make you dance, dream and enjoy the soul of music in a completely unique and personal way.



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